Meet My Family

Marvin – My husband and my rock

Marvin and I got married on August 30, 2003. He is an amazing husband and an even more amazing father. He is my best friend and one of the funniest people I know. Most importantly, he is my balance, my voice of reason, and the yin to my yang!

Nick – My Step-Son

Nicholas was eight when his Dad and I got married. So, in addition to adjusting to married life, I instantly became a mother. He will always be special to me, because he taught me what it was like to be someone’s mom! Nick is smart, kind, caring, a great big brother, and a typical teenager! I am so proud of the young man that he has become, and I love him like he was my own.

Olivia – My Princess

Olivia is and will always be my little girl (and she is 100 percent girl). She is seven going on 20, and she is wise and mature beyond her years. She is caring, sensitive, outgoing, artistic, sassy, and spirited, and I love her so much that sometimes it hurts. In many ways, she is like me, and in many other ways, she is what I wish I could be. I truly enjoy hanging out with Olivia and doing “girly” things with her, and I am blessed to be her Mom.

Evan – My Little Man

Evan is the baby of the family and my hero. He is outgoing, hilarious, adventurous, determined, loving, silly, and a pediatric stroke survivor. He works hard at everything he does, and his achievements and hard work overwhelm me. His positive attitude and love of life amaze me. He is my baby, but he has taught me so much!

Last but not least – Lilly

Lilly joined our family on March 28, 2010. We had lost two precious dogs in the two years leading up to her adoption, and our almost 13-year-old black lab, Max, was lonely. (Or, that’s the excuse I used to get another dog.) Needless to say, Lilly had some big paws to fill, and she has done a wonderful job. She is a ball of energy, silliness, and love, and just what our family needed!

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