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Who thought a blog from an over-committed, type-A, perfectionist mom was a good idea, and how long has it been since I blogged?


Wow. I kind of feel like I should be going to confession…”Bless me everyone for I have failed, it has been one year, eight months, and seven days since my last post, and, well, I’ve been really busy…” Busy working, sleeping, spending time with my kids, getting my hair colored, checking homework, drinking wine with friends, reading books while stretching “righty” with Evan, starving fevers and feeding colds, kissing boo boos, traveling with Olivia to Austin to see Rick Riordan talk about The Blood of Olympus (which was released on her 10th birthday), watching Chicago Fire and PD, visiting my sister and her family in Albany and Boston, volunteering, exercising (still not enough), updating Facebook, pretending to update Twitter, cooking, cleaning (still not enough, either), celebrating several holidays, petting dogs, taking O to theater practice and shows, watching Ev run at track, obsessing over Bradley Cooper, WARNING: SPOILER ALERT – explaining the truth about Santa, falling asleep on the couch while watching movies with my husband, visiting Boston again, and random other stuff.

Every so often, I admit that I feel guilty for starting a blog that was destined to die a quick and painless death at the hands of a blogger who is a self-admitted “over-committed, type-A personality, wife, mother, and full-time marketing executive who is just trying to balance this crazy life.” But, the truth is, I miss my blog. And, more importantly, my biggest fan misses it.

olivia reading blog 1

Several times, over the last one year, eight months, and seven days (and most recently as tonight), I have caught my 10-year-old daughter, Olivia, on the computer or ipad reading and cracking up. When I sneak up behind her, trying to bust her for looking at some crazy, maybe inappropriate website, I find her reading the totally appropriate and amazing posts in A Different Kind of Crazy. She loves to read about herself, our lives, our Santa, fallinadventures, and the funny things her little brother does and says, and the truth is that I love sharing and documenting them for her and anyone else who is interested in our boring but sometimes funny lives. Most of all, I want to prove to her that you can be busy and successful and still make time for the things you enjoy and the things that make you and others laugh.

So, in honor of my beautiful, funny, outgoing, amazing little girl, I am happy to announce (to be read in your creepiest Poltergeist-like voice) I’m baaaaaaccccckkkkkkk and looking forward to sharing our most amazing adventures!

What happened to June?


July calendarAs the mother of a stroke survivor, each day in May, I participate in a Streak for Pediatric Stroke, where I do something every day to honor my sweet, little Evan. This year, I copied one of my friend’s ideas, since I thought it would be easy and less time consuming, and committed to selecting and posting a picture a day. As usual, my daughter Olivia also participated by drawing a special picture for each day in May. Problem is, May and June were super busy months…

Between field trips, end-of-school activities, the last day of school,  Kindergarten graduation, high school graduation, birthdays, pool parties, play dates, Mother’s and Father’s day, and 61 days of just life as we know it, I just finished my Streak for Pediatric Stroke tonight.

Better late than never, right?