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Crazy Week


Overcommitted + Type-A Personality = CRAZY!

So, while the name of this blog is “A Different Kind of Crazy,” most of my weeks are manageable. But every once in a while, parts of my week spiral out of control, and I find myself thinking that if I can make it though the rest of the week, I’m golden. This is one of those weeks…

Starting tomorrow, I will be going non-stop until Sunday afternoon, after my daughter Olivia’s 8th family birthday party. (This of course makes me wonder about who is going to do the laundry and grocery shopping after I collapse on the couch…)

So, coming attractions during my next four days include: being a fashion show model with my sweet lab-shepherd mix, Lilly; bringing donuts to Olivia’s class for her birthday; attending and watching Evan perform at a fundraiser for Kinetic Kids; hosting Olivia’s birthday party with her friends at the Magik Theatre; and celebrating my dear friend Cyndie’s 50th birthday.

So, this is my different kind of crazy for the next few day, and now that I think about all of the special things that are going to happen, I’m really looking forward to mass craziness!

5 Things I Learned During Girls’ Weekend


Last weekend, I traveled to Albany, NY to watch my beautiful niece, Madison, graduate from high school.  It was a rare occasion where I traveled without my husband and family. Instead, I was able to spend the weekend with my sister, nieces, cousin, and college roommate. It was a bona fide  girls’ weekend!

Yes, there was drinking, eating, and gossip.

I laughed. I cried, and I learned 5 things:

  1. How to induce vomiting in a dog – Maybe I left my purse on the floor when we went to graduation. Maybe my sister’s dog, Luke, likes to steal and eat things out of purses. Maybe he ate sugarless gum, mixed nuts, and dental floss. Anyway, for a 50-pound dog, you take 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide in a measuring cup, and with a turkey baster, you insert hydrogen peroxide in dog’s mouth. Wait 5 minutes, and the vomiting will begin.
  2. How to put out a kitchen fire – When toasted coconut accidentally catches on fire in the toaster oven, with flames licking the cabinets above it, calmly pour baking powder on the fire.
  3. Graduation speeches should be kept to 4 minutes or less. However, if I am ever invited to give a graduation speech, I will include as many clichés about the future as possible in my 4 minutes.
  4. My husband will clean the house when  I am gone. Enough said.
  5. Accidentally using olive oil on  your dry hair — even if it is disguised as hair product and placed in a hair product jar — will result in greasy hair ALL DAY LONG.

With all of that being said, I can’t wait for the next learning experience!