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How long has it been?


Okay, so maybe it has been exactly 208 days since my last post, but what kind of over-committed, type-A, working mother of three kids and three dogs thinks she can write a regular blog. Oh, probably the one who named her blog “A different kind of crazy”!

Well, I managed to remember my user name and password and log in, so I’ll give you the condensed version of my 208 update. Since October 4, 2012, I have:

Celebrated Olivia’s birthday, drank some beer, adopted a dog (Jack), attended a high school football game to watch the band, celebrated Thanksgiving, drank some wine, adopted another dog (Jill), listened to Maroon 5, decorated the house, celebrated Christmas, left my job, celebrated New Year’s, took two weeks off to be with the kids over the holidays, nearly lost my mind, listened to Maroon 5, undecorated the house, started a new job, travelled to Houston with family for school fieldtrip, read a book, celebrated my Mom’s birthday, watched Happy Potter several million times, attended dinners and fundraisers, visited friends,  drank some wine, celebrated Valentine’s day, celebrated Nick’s 18th birthday, watched Olivia’s cheer competitions, went to Brownie meetings, watched Evan’s track meet, celebrated fiesta, spent some time with my sister and her boyfriend, planned summer vacations, watched some tv, exercised a little, slept, paid bills, answered email, built a diorama of ducks in their natural habitat, and I think that’s it.

Now that I look at my update, I don’t know why my house is a mess and I’m tired!

5 Funny Things I Heard on the Way Home From Vacation


So, after six days of being on vacation, we were all anxious to get home. But as usual, in a car for five hours with two little ones, there were some interesting things said during our trip back to home sweet home…Clearly, since these are not nearly as creative as the funny things I heard on our way TO our vacation destination, we were really tired on our way home!

1. “Can we stay at the  Sheraton again? I didn’t cry when we left the Great Wolf Lodge, but I’m crying when we leave the Sheraton.” – Olivia, who cries after she leaves EVERY hotel. I’m sure she is going to work for Fodor’s one day!

2. “Can we listen to Maroon 5?” – Olivia and me. Are you seeing a pattern here?

3. “How do you take the dog a bath?” – Evan. What?

4.  “More candy. More candy. More candy.” – Evan and Olivia. Oh, more sugar. Just what two kids trapped in a car for five hours need!

5. “I win, you lose. You have poop in your pants.” – Evan to Olivia (or, Evan’s Mickey Mouse stuffed animal to Olivia’s American Girl doll). Wow!

Candy rattle snake

Marvin joins the sugar high with a yummy gummy rattlesnake

Ahhh. The sound of silence!

Home Sweet Home


Last Friday, the Ring family left on our mini summer vacation up North. That’s right, we traveled by mini van from San Antonio to Grapevine, Texas, where we  spent two nights at the Great Wolf Lodge. Then we drove on to Arlington, Texas, where we attended the annual Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA) retreat.

Life Gets In the Way

While I meant to write while we were gone, time got away from me. By the time we settled in each evening, I was exhausted and not creative. But, I did have six straight days of being a Mommy. Yes, I also checked my work email and participated as a board member at the retreat. I also slept in the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, survived three trips down the crazy water slide with Olivia, and lounged by the pool while my kids swam, splashed, and ate ice cream with their friends. But, after six days of being on the road and living out of a suitcase,  I was ready to come home.

So, why does it feel so good to be home after vacation?

Here’s what I think…

  • Sleep in my own bed
  • My dog, Lilly
  • Home cooked meals
  • Regular schedule for kids = less whining
  • Access to entire closet full of clothes
  • Ability to finally chill out and relax