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How long has it been?


Okay, so maybe it has been exactly 208 days since my last post, but what kind of over-committed, type-A, working mother of three kids and three dogs thinks she can write a regular blog. Oh, probably the one who named her blog “A different kind of crazy”!

Well, I managed to remember my user name and password and log in, so I’ll give you the condensed version of my 208 update. Since October 4, 2012, I have:

Celebrated Olivia’s birthday, drank some beer, adopted a dog (Jack), attended a high school football game to watch the band, celebrated Thanksgiving, drank some wine, adopted another dog (Jill), listened to Maroon 5, decorated the house, celebrated Christmas, left my job, celebrated New Year’s, took two weeks off to be with the kids over the holidays, nearly lost my mind, listened to Maroon 5, undecorated the house, started a new job, travelled to Houston with family for school fieldtrip, read a book, celebrated my Mom’s birthday, watched Happy Potter several million times, attended dinners and fundraisers, visited friends,  drank some wine, celebrated Valentine’s day, celebrated Nick’s 18th birthday, watched Olivia’s cheer competitions, went to Brownie meetings, watched Evan’s track meet, celebrated fiesta, spent some time with my sister and her boyfriend, planned summer vacations, watched some tv, exercised a little, slept, paid bills, answered email, built a diorama of ducks in their natural habitat, and I think that’s it.

Now that I look at my update, I don’t know why my house is a mess and I’m tired!

The Tale of Scary Date Night….


Having three children with busy schedules, a demanding full-time job, and after-work activities, I rarely get a night out alone with my husband.

Last Friday night, my niece and her boyfriend, who were visiting from Albany, NY, were scheduled to have dinner and a ghost tour of downtown San Antonio. Sadly, the boyfriend ended up with a scary stomach bug. Since the tickets were already purchased and non-refundable, Marvin and I were recruited to fill in. Honestly, after a long week, both of us dreamed of relaxing at home with a bottle of wine/beer.

I was only vaguely interested in the tour, since I openly admit that I believe in ghosts. My husband, on the other hand, is a total non-believer. Our secret plan was to have dinner, and if we became bored with the tour, we would duck into one of our favorite martini bars.

Reluctantly, we headed downtown and straight to the bar at the Menger, one of San Antonio’s most haunted hotels. The tour started promptly after dinner, and we ventured through the hotel where many of our fellow ghost tourees excitedly snapped pictures of orbs. The more excited the tourees got, the sillier Marvin and I got. That’s when we started snapping goofy pictures of ourselves all over downtown San Antonio. One at the Menger Hotel. One at the Alamo. One at the Emily Morgan Hotel. One in some random place that I can’t remember. One at San Fernando Cathedral.

As it turns out, we did not accidentally snap any pictures of resident spirits in San Antonio, but we did have a good time sharing drinks, giggling at our pictures, and wandering around areas of our city I had never seen before. I think we both appreciated and enjoyed our night out, even if we had to share it with ghosts.

5 Funny Things I Heard on the Roadtrip to Grapevine


It is a very looooong five hour ride from San Antonio to Grapevine in a mini van with three kids. And, the one kid who can usually sleep in the car for hours is the 17 year old.

The other two kids sit in the second row of the van, right next to each other. Naturally, there was a lot of bickering, a great deal of whining, endless demands for DS games, random dropped stuffed animals, and some really funny comments:

1. As usual, we stopped at the Czech Stop in West, TX. I was reading the sign on the building trying to get Olivia excited that it was a bakery, and she shouts out: “Mom, They have beer and wine here.”

2. “Give me a minute. You know I want to relax on this vacation. I didn’t come to be  your slave.” Directed by me to my two children, who 10 minutes away from home had demanded at least 20 things from me. Oh, and I was sending a work-related email.

3. “Do you want to see my bear do the chicken dance?” – Olivia (Not sure where to go on this one.)

4. Olivia: “I need to go to the restroom.” Evan: “No, you need to pee in your pants.” (Again, no comment.)

5. As the GPS was interrupting the music, Olivia says, “They shouldn’t chitter chatter during Maroon 5.” (Couldn’t agree more. That’s my girl!)