Why do I over think everything…


I think part of a mother’s responsibility is to over think everything. Is it because with every decision, we’re afraid we are letting our children down? Is it because we want to provide what’s best for them?Is it because our children are so darn demanding?

I fully admit I over think too much, and I have the story to prove it…

We are getting ready to go on a family vacation to lovely and exotic Dallas, TX. Part of the time, we will be in a hotel where the little ones will have a “room” all to themselves, and part of the time, we’ll be in a room where I thought the kids would have fun sleeping in sleeping bags. Problem – my kids didn’t have sleeping bags yet. So, one day last week, I took a trip to Target to buy a sleeping bag for Olivia and one for Evan. The selection was overwhelming, and I realized I had to choose between regular sleeping bags and the “Princess” and “Cars” versions. After a little thought, I bought Olivia a blue bag and Evan a red bag, since those are their favorite colors.

As soon as I got back to my office, buyer’s remorse set in. Did I get the right ones? Are they going to like them? Where else can I find better sleeping bags? After virtual visits to Academy, Dicks Sporting Goods, and even Walmart, I decided to try out the options I bought.

So, did I over think the sleeping bags? You bet I did. Check out these photos…

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