5 Funny Things I Heard on the Roadtrip to Grapevine


It is a very looooong five hour ride from San Antonio to Grapevine in a mini van with three kids. And, the one kid who can usually sleep in the car for hours is the 17 year old.

The other two kids sit in the second row of the van, right next to each other. Naturally, there was a lot of bickering, a great deal of whining, endless demands for DS games, random dropped stuffed animals, and some really funny comments:

1. As usual, we stopped at the Czech Stop in West, TX. I was reading the sign on the building trying to get Olivia excited that it was a bakery, and she shouts out: “Mom, They have beer and wine here.”

2. “Give me a minute. You know I want to relax on this vacation. I didn’t come to be  your slave.” Directed by me to my two children, who 10 minutes away from home had demanded at least 20 things from me. Oh, and I was sending a work-related email.

3. “Do you want to see my bear do the chicken dance?” – Olivia (Not sure where to go on this one.)

4. Olivia: “I need to go to the restroom.” Evan: “No, you need to pee in your pants.” (Again, no comment.)

5. As the GPS was interrupting the music, Olivia says, “They shouldn’t chitter chatter during Maroon 5.” (Couldn’t agree more. That’s my girl!)

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